10 Easy Ways of ”How to Overcome Stress”

how to overcome stress


“Too much to do, too little time, and no energy – that’s what the definition of Stress is. When you want to do too much and you have neither energy nor time, you get stressed.” – Says World Peace Ambassador H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The main clue here is “Energy”. Now, What are the sources of the energy in your body? There are total 4 sources from which your body acquires energy.

  1. Food: Proper Sattvik food
  2. Sleep: 6-8 hours of sleep
  3. Breathe: Practicing some breathing exercises, pranayamas
  4. Calm and Meditative Mind: Meditating 15-20 minutes a day, keep your mind calm and spontaneous.

All these four factors need to be in 1) Proper Quality and 2) Proper Quantity.

How to Overcome Stress?

how to overcome stress
how to overcome stress

– Have Confidence and take it as challenge to deal with.

– You must know that nothing is more important than your Life itself. If you are alive, so is everything else is.

– Take out 20 minutes from your day and just BE there with yourself, for yourself.

– Plan and Prioritize things and act accordingly.

– Repose and Rejuvenate

– Don’t forget to take short breaks and chill out!

how to overcome stress
how to overcome stress


In this hustle and bustle of life, we forget to even smile once. According to research, a kid smiles 100 times a day, A teenager smiles 10 times a day while an adult smiles once a day. Once! What is happening to us and where are we taking our lives into? Stress impacts the quality of our thoughts, actions and behaviour. Life becomes hell when Stress becomes its Ruler! What can be done to be successful and happy without paying the heavy price of Stressful life?

– The Key is to “Balance“. Balance in what? Balance in activity and rest, Work-Personal life balance.

– Also by doing some acts of service makes you stress free.

– Do something creative. Take interest in Art.

– Train your mind to stay in present moment devoid of worries of future and guilt from past. Life is in the Present!

– Have FAITH. Faith in oneself, Faith in the goodness of people around, Faith in the Power that is taking care of you every moment.

– Stay away from all sorts of addictions.

Stay Happy, Stay Blessed!

By- Priya tindwani



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