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how to order food from foodpanda


Food is our basic need and also we want food for our cravings. It’s not always our stomach which wants food all the time. It is also our heart sometimes.  But the irony is that we don’t want to make food and want to eat at the same time. Then there comes our saviour, the food delivery apps. Foodpanda is an amazing app with its various amazing features.

how to order food from foodpanda

We all suffer while ordering food online. It is hard to decide how to and from where to order. Why not give a try at Foodpanda and ordering from it and savour the taste you get in the result. Foodpanda also has amazing offers and discounts.


A little about

Foodpanda was established in 2012 and now currently serves in 12 countries of Asia and Eastern Europe. It was co-founded by Ralf Wenzel, Benjamin Bauer and Felix Plog. Foodpanda was acquired by Ola on December 29, 2017. It is currently spread out in more than 193 cities. This company is German based. Since 2013, it has millions of users and more than 10000 partner restaurants in India.

Foodpanda is the fastest way to have food on your plate. You can order food via website or you can download the application from app store or palystore. You get SMS confirmation of you order on your phone.


  • Foodpanda is 24/7 available for your hungry stomachs.
  • You can choose between cuisines.
  • You can choose from restaurants near you.
  • Variety of food ranges to choose from. From traditional to fast food like from dominos. Pizzahut and Box8.
  • Cuisines like biryani, Japanese or Punjabi.
  • You can breakfast, dinner or late night delivery.
  • Foodpanda has the variety of offers deals and discounts.

The takeaway service

The takeaway service means you can book your order on a restaurant and grab it if you feel like walking or the place of food is on the way so that you don’t have to wait and just take your food to munch on.

How to order food from foodpanda 

Foodpanda has the most simple way to order food in just four easy steps-

  • Choose your city or area
  • Choose from 10000 plus restaurants
  • Order, pay online or cash on delivery.
  • Enjoy the food which is freshly made.


The newsletter

Foodpanda has an amazing newsletter service in which the latest information on offers and coupons is provided to you. It also keeps you up to date about new availabilities of the cuisines. All the information is provided to you in your email id in the form of a newsletter.

By-Priya Gupta





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