Simple Tips On “How to Improve Smartphone’s Battery Life”


Improve Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

In this busy world each and everyone is carrying a smartphone with himself either the college students or the workers everyone is now evolved with smartphone. Well it should be as it makes our life much easier and smarter and can perform various activities which would save our time. But the most common problem for the smartphone users is their battery drain.


7 out of 10 people complains daily about their battery life. As the battery is the most key element of a smartphone, it would not function without it. And if you are a heavy user of smartphone then you must be facing the same problem of battery drainage. Though power banks are invented to give additional battery backup but it is too hard to carry both power bank and your smartphone. Well here are some tips to improve your battery life of the smartphones.


How to Improve Smartphone’s Battery Life


Well the first tip is that you must own a long battery smartphone which are the phones that have a good battery life. Various smartphones are releasing everyday and the most common spec they improve is that increasing the battery life of their product, smartphone which have long battery life are attracted by the customers as they give them seamless streaming without any issue or interruption.

How to Improve Smartphone’s Battery LifeThe second most important tip is that you must dim the brightness of your smartphone when you are running out of battery. Well it may be shocking but screen brightness is the only thing which drains the most amount of battery than any other component. You can switch to automatic brightness feature as it will clearly balance the amount of light you need and not 100% of it.


The second most battery sucker component is the GPS. You may never turn on GPS when its not in use as it drains most amount of battery. Be sure when you give permissions to applications you download, they may need your GPS setting to be on while accessing the application.

How to Improve Smartphone’s Battery Life

Things To Do

Never leave applications running in the background as they too also uses most amount of battery. When you open an application and after using it for few time if you just press the back button and think the application is closed, well you are  wrong the application is still running in the background draining your battery. So make sure to close all the applications after use.


Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi only when it’s necessary as they also consume most of your battery. Do not listen to your Bluetooth headsets for so long as it will decrease your battery health. Use only when its necessary. It is also proves that Wi-Fi consumes more data than the mobile data itself. So if its possible make sure to use mobile data rather than Wi-Fi.


Androids Apps For Battery Saving

How to Improve Smartphone’s Battery Life

There are also many applications for android that would help you make your battery life to work more. But you cannot only rely on the applications for your battery savings. Some of the best android batter saver applications are.

  1. Greenify
  2. Battery Doctor
  3. DU Battery Saver
  4. Avast Battery Saver

By- Siddharth Vikram


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