How To Earn From Hotstar

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Been away from your home and want to watch tv. Well, it’s a very difficult time for all of us that being away from our home we fail to watch tv and even fail to watch live tv. It’s a big issue for the working keep they nearly have any time to watch tv and the timings of the live sports matches usually clash with our working hours. Many people have to watch just the highlights of the match because they missed the live session and if you are a true sports fan then you can relate how bad it feels to you.

You get to the right place. Presenting to you the best pocket mobile TV app “HOTSTAR”. It is an Indian Digital Entertainment app available on both Android and iOS platforms. Hotstar is owned and managed by STAR. It was launched on February 2015 and was a huge hit since then.

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How To Earn From Hotstar

The hotstar live app lets you watch videos on demand, tv shows, and live sports. You can just simply download the app or you can also stream on your web. People staying away from their home miss TV shows and regret a lot of epically “LIVE SPORTS”. It lets you watch live sports just from a click on your smartphone without any interruption. Hotstar provides a wide range of videos and channels. Hotstar live is being the most usable feature om the app. You can simply visit their website and log in to your account and then you’re in. You can watch tv shows and sports limitlessly. Hotstar app is one of the top-rated apps on both the application store.


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IPL has been a huge hit in INDIA and people love watching it but not everybody gets the chance to watch it live either due to their working condition or their business. Hotstar lets you stream live IPL matches with just a click on your phone. You just need an internet connection and a smartphone to enjoy hotstar live IPL. Mostly this app is loved by people just because of its live IPL streaming. Hotstar live cricket is most popular among the youngsters.

Not just cricket or sports you can also watch videos and demand and tv shows from different channels which you missed. You can watch it an unlimited number of times with just a click. No matter where you are you just need your smartphone to watch unlimited shows and sports. Hotstar videos have been a huge hit since 2015 as it’s been attracting an audience from all over the world. Hotstar sports lets people watch their favorite sports channel on their smartphone. You can too watch movies on the hotstar app and not just Indian tv series but also series from Hollywood can be streamed in the hotstar app.


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Not only video streaming and live shows, this app is used by many programs either for voting or to play any game. ‘SABSE SMART KAUN’ is a TV show that streams on Star Plus which allows a contestant to come and play a quiz came and win loads of cash. Hotstar to ease this for its audience created a tool that while streaming on tv you can also play that quiz and win loads of money just by answering a few questions. More than 6,00,000 people play it every day you can too try your luck. During the KBC season, you can also play KBC along with the other contestants.

By – Siddharth Vikram


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