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How to Control Your Dreams

How to Control Your Dreams

Lucid dreaming

Nowadays, we have gotten so much immersed in our busy day to day life that most of us do not get enough moments of fun, that gives us satisfaction. But there is one activity that we all do and some of us find senseless and that is dreaming.

Scientists are not really sure about the purpose of dreaming and sleep. The trending theory is that they are just random impulses occurring when the brain is sorting out daily information. It’s true that most of the time dreams do not have any sense at all. However, if somehow we can control our dreams than they become goldmines of adventure. Some people are natural lucid dreamers. But most cannot do so. Popular Hollywood movie “Inception” is also based on Lucid Dreaming.

How to Control Your Dreams

So in this article, we will learn how to control our dreams and experience the things most of us are never able to experience such as :-

Flying, Visiting places of the world or even going to space. On average we sleep for 20 years in our lifetime.

So let’s know how one can do this:-

The first question arises what is lucid dreaming?

How to Control Your Dreams

Dreams in which one is aware that one is dreaming are called lucid dreaming. So any dream in which you have realized something is wrong and thought that “This is a dream”, then you were lucid at that moment.

When lucid dreaming occurs?

We sleep in to states REM and NON REM sleep. Most of the dreaming occurs during REM sleep, in which there is rapid movement of eyes just as look when we are awake. Also brain waves in REM sleep are just as same when we are awake. Lucid dreaming occurs in the same timeframe.

How to lucid dream?

  1. Reality checks are very important for lucid dreaming. Reality checks are simply required for checking our awareness at different time period. Reality checks must be performed while doing different activities such as when you wake up, when you are having fun or doing normal activities.

Some of the reality checks one can do are:-

  1. Pinching yourself. If it hurts you are awake otherwise bullseye! You are dreaming.How to Control Your Dreams
  2. Blocking your nose if you can still breathe you are dreaming otherwise you are awake.                        how to enjoy your dreams
  3. Looking at your hands. Hands are very distorted in dreams. Count your fingers once then look away then count again. In dream it will be different everytime.                                   how to enjoy your dreams
  4. Writing something on your hand or just making a dot. Then look at it frequently during day. In dreams if you expect it will likely won’t be there. You can use it in combination with other RCs.
  5. Looking at a watch in dream. Time does not works well in dreams because brain cannot hold such small details. Everytime you will look at watch time will not make sense.                                                                      how to enjoy your dreams

Do these reality checks everyday 10-15 times. The most important thing is your expectation. You must expect it to fail every time. You must do RCs whenever you encounter something odd in your day to day daily life.

Record your dreams every day in your dream journal even small things you remember. This will boost your dream recall.

There are certain techniques one has to follow in order to induce lucid dreaming:-

  1. MILD (Mnemonically Induced Lucid Dream)

In this technique, you have to say out loud in your bed “When I will be dreaming I will realize I am dreaming or any similar mantra. Then visualize yourself getting lucid in any dream.

  1. WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dream)           how to enjoy your dreams

In this technique, you have to keep yourself awake until your body falls asleep. It may result in Sleep Paralysis, which is rather unpleasant but safe experience about which we will discuss later.

  1. FILD (Finger Induced Lucid Dream)

how to enjoy your dreams

This technique works best when you are tired or are sure you will fall asleep quickly. First you should be comfortable while lying down on your back. With hands on your side. Then move your index and middle finger in such a way as if you are playing the keys of piano. You do not have to move both fingers too much, just move them in such a way that they move very slightly. So that you are able to keep yourself conscious while falling sleep. This technique high success rate if you do it in combination with WBTB technique about which we will discuss next.

  1. WBTB(Wake Back To Bed)

How to Control Your Dreams


Just as the name suggests you get back to bed after waking up. The optimal time after which you should wake is 6 hours sleep. After waking up you should do anything that might keep you engaged for nearly half hour like eating, reading a book (best if you read one on lucid dreaming) or just thinking about something you want to dream about. This technique works extremely well when you do it in combination with FILD or MILD. But do remember that you should write any dreams that you had earlier in night.

Final Words

So this was how you can lucid dream. Remember that lucid dreaming is a skill you will become more efficient in this as you will practice more. It’s guaranteed that the way you look at life will change. Please do share your experiences. Also, tell us what would you like to lucid dream about.

Thanks and Regards

Jatin Agrawal



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