how to beat heat
Nowadays, it’s most difficult to survive freely in the hot summer, the burning sun makes it difficult to carry on our daily routine and complete our household works. Here are some tips to beat the heat:

1. Plan your day.

how to beat heat

You know how hot the weather is outside, so it’s better to first plan your day according to it. And then try to go on the time before the sun rises and after it sets, in the cooler hours. Utilise this time to go for a jog, and for other home activities.

2. Drinking more water.

how to beat heat
You already know our body is of 70% water and how important it is to stay hydrated all day long. We should think of our body as an air conditioner because when it’s hot our body starts heating up and our internal air conditioner starts working and therefore we sweat. Now according to this, we should remember that why we need water. It will become easier if we’ll start loving the taste of water.

3. Optimize your fans.

Some of us don’t know that rather facing your fan in, you can face it out and then you’ll be able to sleep more comfortably. You can also use a temperature controller to automatically turn on or off your fan according to the temperature outside and would save your electricity.

4. Eat cool, be cool.

how to beat heat

Rather for going towards salty and spicy foods try to eat sweet, ripen and fresh fruits and veggies. Consuming these types of a meal will keep your body systems cool.

5. Eat Smaller Meals.

how to beat heat

We should try to control on our eating habits try to take smaller meals but with a short break between them, it will then produces less heat in our body and will control the metabolic process going inside the body.

6. Dress Light.

Dark color fabrics absorb more heat through the sunlight so we should always try to wear light colored clothes in summer. Cotton and linen are best suited for this kind of weather

7. Take More Showers. 

how to beat heat

All of know that there’s nothing better than a cold shower in the middle of a summer day. But we should remember that it does not be a water wastage, just a quick shower will definitely work.

8. Sound Meditation. 

how to beat heat

Sound meditation is the most helpful trick to beat the heat. While sitting at your office, home, or in your car, play soft music which can calm your mind, body, and soul. Try to find joy in listening to the sounds of nature.

9. Stay cool while you sleep.

how to beat heat

Summers becomes worst when its harder to fall asleep due to high body temperature. If you feel uneasy during the night you can try sleep on a pillow, or can sleep on a wet sheet, or you can sleep with a chilled water bottle with you. It would help you in getting a good sleep.

By – Chetan Jain


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