How Much Gold is There Inside the Earth?

how much gold is there inside the earth

Gold Worth 2 Trillion Dollars Still Underground

Do you know how much gold is there inside the earth? During the formation of the earth, the iron which was in the molten form sank into the earth’s center to make the core of the earth. Along with iron, various precious metals like gold and platinum was also involved in the formation of the earth’s core. And, in fact, these metals were in large composition during the formation of the core. It is believed that if all the precious metals would be taken out it would cover the entire earth. Precious metals are thousand times more abundant in the Earth’s Silicate mantle.

The problem is that the gold is so deep within the earth. That is impossible to dig at this much limit. There is an estimation that there is about 52 thousand tons of gold. It is worth 2 Trillion Dollars in the present value is dug up under the earth. But it’s impossible for the humans to reach out to that.

how much gold is there inside the earth


That was also a theory that the gold was imported from space through meteorite impacts during the heavy bombardment. It happened billions of years ago. In 2011 there was another theory implied by the researchers from the University of Bristol in England. The scientists took some rocks from Greenland that were found to be nearly 4 billion years old. They concluded that according to some researchers and scientists most of the precious stones and metals on which our country’s economy and many more industries processes have been added to our planet by a coincidence which was considered lucky when the Earth got hit by an asteroid which was 20 billion tones in quantity.


How Much Gold is There Inside the Earth?

how much gold is there inside the earth

Though it is very difficult to say about 52 thousand tons of gold is present deep inside the earth. But its really impossible to reach it as it is surrounded by high temperature and pressure earth. It is believed that if all the gold would be taken out from the earth it would be enough for all the countries in the world to run its economy smoothly for more than a 200 years.

As per now if by means somebody discovers the gold underground deep inside the earth there will be a quarry upon whose share is how much. Though golds are mined through various deep mines. They all are registered to one’s country and have the permission for the all rights reserved. But in the case in future, if somebody gets the gold there will be a huge quarrel among each other’s ownership. Though is it considered that it is impossible to dig to that level and also not in the future it is possible. Nobody can go to this extinct at the level.

By- Siddharth Vikram



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