Do you know every major religion of the world is represented in India. Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism were originated here.



how many religions are there in India 
Do you know how many religions are there in India? India is the land of spirituality. It accepts all kind of religions. With more than one hundred and nine religions. India is also the birthplace of many religions. Over countless generations customs, traditions, beliefs, rituals, etc. got changing and adopting new features or abiding the old one. But, India is the only place where you can find diversity in religions. Other countries like America, mostly believe in Christianity, Pakistan believes in Islam. But in India, all are treated equally.

How Many Religions are There in India

how many religions are there in India 

We have already discussed the diversity of religions in India. But with this India is also the birthplace of many religions which are as follows-
1. HINDUISM: India is also Known as HINDUSTAN. This is because of religion Hinduism, which is followed by the majority of Indians. Hinduism is all about preachings of Hindu God and Goddess. They are further classified into three powers-
* BHRAMA – The power which takes care of the whole globe, like the head of a family.
* VISHNU – The power which helps people financially.
* MAHESH – The power which maintains the health of people.
2. BUDDHISM: Buddhism is all about preachings of LORD BUDDHA OR GAUTAM BUDDHA. The religion is followed by around 17% population of World. Lord Buddha was King Siddhartha Gautam, who left his kingdom, and moves on the path of SANYAS.
3. JAINISM: LORD MAHAVIR SWAMI is the preacher of religion known as Jainism. This is similar to Buddhism but adopted by more. Jainism can be followed by a HINDU, as preachings of LORD Mahavir is same as of HINDU GODS AND GODDESS.
4. SIKHISM: Sikhism is the religion mostly followed by the SIKHS. The preachers of Sikhism or GURU’S made a way to reach GOD by there preachings. Sikhism is the religion of Humanity. The holy book of Sikhism is “GURU GRANTH SAHIB”. Hence, you can feel the direct connection with God in GURUDWARA’S, the holy place of SIKHS.


According to Vedas and Historians, The Hindu God and Goddess, Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavir Swami and Sikh Guru’s are born and gave preachings on the surface of India. At the time of MAHABHARATA, Hindu God, LORD KRISHNA came down to preach World. His preachings are present in the Holy book “Geeta”. Furthermore, Sikh Gurus, GURU HARBINDIR SINGH, GURU GOBIND SINGH, GURU RAMKRISHNA SINGH, preach people on Indian surface, and thereafter Indian people start following and so with MAHAVIR SWAMI JI and  LORD BUDDHA, they too preach on Indian surface. Their preachings were then spread all over the world. But the origin point was India. Hence, we can say that India is the Birthplace of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism.
                                             Yash Garg


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