क्या आप जानते है प्लास्टिक सर्जरी का अविष्कार भारत में हुआ था?

how does plastic surgery take place


Plastic surgery is a method of reconstructing one’s body part, especially from the face. It was carried out in India by 800 BC. India is known as the inventor of Plastic Surgery. It is divided into two categories namely Reconstructive Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery. The Reconstruction of any body part that has been damaged by burning, accident or due to age factors comes under the category of Reconstructive Surgery.
The aim of Reconstructive Surgery is to reconstruct a body part or to improve it’s functioning. Whereas, cosmetic surgery focuses on improving the appearance of it. It is mainly done to remove the wrinkles, blackheads, any kind of mark etc. from the body part. Both of these techniques are used throughout the world.  Most of the actors and actress takes the help of Plastic Surgery to look young and to escape their real age from the audience.


how does plastic surgery take place in india
Sushruta was considered as the father of Plastic surgery. He was a master in his field. It is believed that Sushruta was the son of Vishvamitra. An ancient Hindu preacher during the time of Mahabharata. Sushruta gave birth to the theory of Reconstruction of body parts. However, his teachings were in Ayurveda. But it signifies that “First Plastic Surgery treatment was taken out by Indian Ayurvedic Ancient Surgeon SUSHRUTA”.
Once when Sushruta was travelling through the forest. He found a boy who was injured. His right eye was totally injured. As Sushruta was a medical Acharya, he quickly started his surgery and meditated him with Ayurveda. From that surgery, Sushruta was considered as “FATHER OF PLASTIC SURGERY”. There is also a book named “The Compendium of Sushruta”. In which all the treatments of surgery have been described. And the author of this book is nonother than Sushruta.


how does plastic surgery take place in india
Transfer of skin tissue is a very common procedure in Plastic Surgery. This process of transferring skin tissues is called skin grafting. Skin grafts can be derived from the recipient or donors.

Let’s know how does plastic surgery take place in India:

1. Autografts are taken from the recipient. Sometimes it is found that people have a lack of skin tissues or damaged by an accident or burning, so if natural tissues are absent then the alternatives are made from epithelial cells.
2. Then the artificial part is created which consist of silicone and bovine tendon collagen.
3. Then the part is reconstructed by the surgeons.
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