The Bhangarh Fort located in Alwar district of Rajasthan. This place is marked as India’s number one haunted place. Bhangarh Fort was made by Rajput’s of 17th century and the last ruler of this Fort was Madho Singh. He lives with her beautiful wife Queen Ratnawati.

Story behind the Palace

Local people of Bhangarh say that if you enter this place after sunset you cannot return back from this place. This isn’t a rumor, even government of India have made it compulsory for all the visitors to come out of the Bhangarh Fort before sunset and you can only enter this place after sunset. The story for which this town is well known is that there was a magician who fell in love with Queen Ratnawati. Even though their match was impossible, then two master of black magic asked queen to surrender herself in front of him. Queen killed that magician in aggression but before that the magician cast a dark spell on the palace.

After that, it is believed that the empire was destroyed and no one ruled there for ages. Even not any Rajput King was able to rule in this Palace.



Despite the fact that this is the most haunted palace of India, Government promote this place for tourism. This palace attracts tourists by its beauty and unknown facts. This fort has huge walls for the protection and no one can easily enter in the fort. Walls of the palace have beautiful and attractive designing and it is said that queen Ratnawati has her own area where she rests. Palace has many more things that can gather your interest.

The fort is on the borders of Sarika reserve in Aravali Ranges. This was earlier known as a village name Gola ka Bass. The fort is 235 kilometres from Delhi.


Is there something like black magic ?

Well, the answer for this question is still unknown. During the 19th century when British came to India , General Wunsuk Lodiea went with his volunteers in the palace to stay for a night. But he didn’t return back. No one knows what happened to them? No one was found next morning in the palace. After these incidents, Government of India has made it illegal to enter this palace after sunset. Well,  at last we can say that there is nothing like dark magic but these incidents can’t be ignored.

By ~ Yash garg



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