Hair fall is a common problem that everyone faces at one point in his or her life. You must see someone in your family & friend circle going on chemical or natural hair loss treatment for their  hairs. Here you can know how to control hair loss.

Clear your misunderstanding


Firstly, you must understand the difference between normal hair fall and hair loss. During combing or styling hairs, lesser hairs will fall this is so natural. There is no need to worry. It doesn’t mean it is starting of hair loss or vigorous hair fall. It happens naturally because some dead one needs to be out by which growth of new hairs occurs.

Reasons and cure of hair loss

By applying all chemical or natural hair loss cure stuff, nothing could happen if you take poor nutrition. These products are only for marketing purpose, nothing else. Some affect your hair by reducing qualities or volume of your hair, some affect your scalp. Be aware!! Don’t be a fool. Take nutrition rich diet. Another big reason is a stress, so be stress-free by doing yoga and meditation.

  • Lack of protein

In India, we mostly consumed carbohydrate-rich foods like wheat, rice, potato etc. in our diet. We must include protein rich food like pulses, egg, broccoli, tofu, paneer, our diet. Protein has essential amino acids which are good for our scalp so as for your hair growth. So you have to consume protein daily for hair thickening and hair loss cure.

  • Lack of omega-3-fatty acids

Very few people knew about omega-3 & its benefits. It is found in fish, egg, dry fruit, nuts, seeds like flax seed which is rich in omega-3. You would notice if your scalp become dry, itching happen. Do you ever think why? It is because of omega-3. So if you took omega-3  and oil there is less itching so less hair loss.

  • Lack of iron

If you intake protein and omega-3 & don’t take iron in your diet, then there is no hair loss cure occur. You must be included iron rich food like spinach in your diet. It is the main element for hair growth and re-growth.

  • Lack of vitamins

Lack of vitamins is also a cause of hair loss. Vitamin A, C, and B12 are played a vital role in hair growth. Vit. A present in pumpkin, carrot, etc. Vit. C present in orange, lemon, etc. Vit. B12 found in yogurt, curd, etc. you must include all vitamin-rich foods for good hair growth.

If you start including these things in your diet and do proper oiling then surely you don’t have any problem related to hair re-growth or hair loss.

Follow the above hair loss treatment, love is in the HAIR.

By ~ Steffy Brizawar


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