gender equality


What comes to your mind when you come across the word ‘equality’. Is it the equality that should’ve been between rich and poor, or black and white people or between different religions and caste or is it among the gender.? Yes, you read it right, it’s among not between because there aren’t just two categories, there are three categories of gender viz male, female and transgender. Most of the Indians when asked about types of genders, answers that there are only two. Almost everyone forgets about the third category.


  • Gender issues are all psychological, nothing physical. It’s all about what we think, not what we see.
  • Men thinks of women as women are  nothing in front of them
  • Women think that men are dogs.
  • Both men and women think of transgender like they don’t belong here on earth, like they aren’t human.
  • Transgender is always looked as the person who claps and dances and blesses in return of money.
  • Nobody wants to talk to them or go near them.
  • People despise them for no reason at all.


  • Gender bias persists in every walk of our life.
  • Boys are always preferred over girls for education, doesn’t matter school or college.
  • Always males are preferred for jobs in corporate sector.
  • Pay grade is higher for males than females working at the same level.
  • Whenever a woman gets pregnant, she is expected to give a son to the family.
  • It’s better not to discuss transgender into this matter because there is no area where they can be biased.



Our goal is to ride a three wheeler, where each wheel represents each category. But currently we’re on a two wheeler. Where front wheel represent male and back wheel represent females. The balance is like of a scooter where most of the weight is borne by back wheel, whereas front wheel has the liberty to go left or right, it’s the front wheel giving directions but everybody forgets it’s the back wheel which gets the vehicle going.


Inequality persists because there are differences

  • Yes, males are indeed generally stronger than females. But it doesn’t give males any right to play the dominance.
  • And it doesn’t mean that females can’t get stronger than males.
  • It’s sad that females have to prove that they are stronger or equal.
  • Most of the girls aren’t allowed to stay out after 9 whereas there aren’t any restrictions for boys.
  • Companies are reluctant to give jobs to women.


Right of Equality for Transgenders

A right is an abstract idea enforceable by law.

  • It’s been years we are fighting for women rights, and necessary steps have been taken by government.
  • They aren’t given legal recognition.
  • People called ‘hinjra’, which isn’t inappropriate.
  • They have to fight for their own identity as a person.
  • They are a matter of joke among people. People laughs at them.
  • I think it’s time to fight for transgender.

They are also humans. They also deserve what we deserve equally. It’s has been long overdue. We should stand and fight for their rights too.

By- Bhawika Khushlani



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