A pregnant woman starts to thinking of eating different types of things from the second and third month of conception. You must have seen pregnant women demanding some sour, sweet, spicy, chocolate, and another specific type of dishes or food. It is commonly know as craving. It is so intense that it cannot be quieted by any other option. But, sometimes there are craving for several things to eat that not be worthy of health. If one can intake these type of things, then, there are several adverse effects on both the mother and fetus. Like many women during pregnancy want to eat soil (smooth), slate chalk, coal or charcoal etc. even know that these are not good for health they can’t resist themselves. But it is not good to quiet all cravings.

Why does this happen during pregnancy?

hormonal changes


Actually, after conception, there are many chemical changes occur in the mother’s body, these are medically called hormonal changes. Because of hormonal changes in women’s
body, cravings for different types of things occur. Another reason for craving is that whatever the deficiency in our body, the body reduces those deficiencies from craving. Thus, craving is a weird type of things.
If you want to eat things like slate, chalk or charcoal, then just consult your doctor so that he/she will give you one of these supplements, so that the essential elements in your body will be fulfilled and your craving can be controlled.

Signs of craving:-

Signs of craving:-

If u want to eat a pickle, then your body wants sodium. Pickle compensate sodium shortage in your body. If chocolate craving, then magnesium is the need. If you think of eating red meat, protein is lacking. When the same, Fruits craving fulfilled the need for vitamin C and also make your body cool. It also eliminates the heat, produced by spicy food.

Here are the things which you should avoid:-

 Cake slurry and raw flour

Cake slurry and raw flour

Non-baked Fresh cake batter or slurry seems tasty to a pregnant woman, so they start eating raw slurry. But, raw flour or slurry is dangerous to them because it has raw egg and in raw egg, there are several harmful bacteria like salmonella, whereby because of infection abortion chances increases. So, try to avoid this in any case.

 The craving for junk food

The craving for junk food

Junk food is preserved by the chemicals. Owing to processed food, junk food is dangerous to your health. Eating junk food causes a nutrient deficiency, especially in a pregnant woman by which fetal development is interrupted.

 Avoid packed salad

packed salad

In pregnancy, salad is good for your health, but it must be fresh. So avoid packed salads like packed sprouts which is available in the market, because of the fear of having an
infection. So, the fresh salad must be on your priority list.

 Avoid caffeine material

caffeine material


For most of the people, the best starting of the morning with a cup of tea or coffee. But if you are pregnant, then the right way to start the morning with coconut water, juice or milk. It is because of caffeine higher blood pressure of the mother to be and it also affects the growth of developing a fetus.

 Unprocessed milk

Unprocessed milk

Without pasteurizing, there are many types of bacteria present in milk. By which, in a pregnant woman diarrhea, food poisoning or loose motion may occur. These causes
problems like lack of energy and dehydration and the effect of which falls on the developing fetus. In some cases, there is an adverse effect on the kidney. So make sure, you will take pasteurize milk only.

By ~ Steffy Brizawar


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