इन कारणों से 1857 में नहीं मिली थी आज़ादी

failure of the revolt of 1857

Failure of the Revolt of 1857

There are many reasons behind the failure of the revolt of 1857. India being one of the richest countries in the world was then became a poorer country as the country has suffered British rule for more than 200 years. Gaining Independence was not at all a successful work as after so many attempts and bloodsheds India finally gained its Independence on 15th August 1957. But this was not the first try when Indians demanded and fought for their Independence several attempts were made and the most famous one was the revolt of 1857. Though it was the first struggle for freedom it was a complete failure by the nation.

Many reasons involved in the failure of the revolt of 1857. Few are listed below.

Lack of Planning

failure of the revolt of 1857
failure of the revolt of 1857

There was a lack of planning among the freedom fighters who demanded freedom. Different types of groups were putting their efforts in different directions and thus if there is no common planning it will surely lead to failure.

During the British rule various kings and emperors were having a small amount of power in their hand and when it came to the revolt the leaders and the rulers all fought for their own land and for their own freedom and they too they don’t have a common goal of getting freedom from the Britishers. They were all pulling themselves within their own region only.

 Lack of Technology

The freedom fighters who got the courage to fight against the Britishers were all strong. Also, brave and have a lot of courage to vanish all the Britishers from their motherland. But however beside having courage they must also match with the Britishers with the arms and ammunition. The arms and ammunition of the Britishers were very responsive and advanced as compared to that of the Indians. While the Britishers were carrying their guns with the latest system the Indians only had to fight with swords and spears only a few guns were available.

failure of the revolt of 1857
failure of the revolt of 1857

As the Indians lack the modern techniques of war. They too lack with communication. The Indians only got bullets and ammunition from their looted material and not from anywhere else. While the Britishers possess an unlimited supply of ammunition and weapons.

 Lack of Participation

The main reason for the failure of the revolt of 1857 was that the whole country did not participate. In the war for freedom, only a bunch of people participated. Most of the princely rulers and zamindars did not support the revolt they were actively loyal to the Britishers

The revolt was not spread throughout the country it was only spread in central India and some parts of North-Western area. It never went to the eastern and the southern parts of India.

If these few points could be kept in mind. And a common goal would have been set up with the Indians maybe we could have got our Independence much sooner than the original date.

-Siddharth Vikram


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