Best exercises and remedies for cervical spondylosis, neck and shoulder pain. Firstly, get a proper diagnosis, especially for your neck. There can be a lot of stuff going on. Make sure you get the right diagnosis first because some of these exercises and stretches might be contradictive for certain diagnosis. Pain is not the problem, it’s the signal. The best cure is cervical exercise and neck pain exercise so let’s know more about it.

Cervical pain exercises: 

  • Neck isometric exercises – we use an anti-pressure formula here. Push your head forward from one hand and push your head backward on your own to maintain balance.

    how to fix cervical pain

  • Angle isometric exercises – push your head with the help of one hand from a particular

    how to fix cervical pain

*Both isometric exercises are done by that hand which is pain relief. When pain is starting to reduce then do this neck exercise or cervical exercise with both hands.

  • Chin tuck exercises – put the pressure on chin through the finger and push backward.

how to fix cervical pain

  • Gentle stretching exercises – stretch your neck in particular direction either down-left or down- right with the help of your hand.

how to fix cervical pain

  • Passive technical exercises – these are done in particular therapy centers. It includes electrotherapy, joint stiffness, and many technicians

  • Neurodynamic exercises – these exercises for radiating pain in hand i.e. for neck and shoulder pain. It has three types –
  1. Rest your palm on the wall, Stretch your In starting don’t move your neck but slowly after some time for neck workouts you also stretch neck in opposite side of the hand.

  2. Make a fist and stretch your hand then push fist towards your body.
  3. Make reverse glasses for your eyes through your hands and stretch upwards. it is good for neck and shoulder pain. This is called ulnar nerve exercises.

This is how to relieve neck pain easily. Neurodynamic is best neck pain exercises.

  • Self-traction – take a cloth or towel under your neck then stretch from backward side to upper side for 20 to 25 seconds. Repeat it 10 times. It is good for disc or spine pinched nerve so it is very good neck pain remedies.

Yoga for cervical spondylosis:

At home, You can try to do following yoga poses for cervical spondylosis and neck pain:-

  • Bhujang aasan
  • Naukasan
  • Dhanura aasan or dhanush aasan
  • Pranayama                                    
  • Surya namskar                             

Do 6 rounds in starting. When neck pain and shoulder pain start to reduce then do 24 rounds of it. It is recommended cervical pain exercise.

  • Chakrasan or Bridge pose


Do it for 10 seconds. It is good cervical or neck exercises.

  • Marjaryasan or cat pose

Repeat it for three times and do it until you exhale or inhale breath three times. It is good for your disturbed spine and help to get back in shape.

  • Stretching up both hands in standing position:-
  • Halasana or plough pose                                              

Repeat this same six or eight times. Do not practice this asana if you have diarrhea or neck injury. Women should not do this pose during Menstruation and during pregnancy.

  • Ushtrasana or camel asan

Do it for 10 -15 seconds in starting then for 30 sconds.

  • Tadasan or the palm tree pose                                     how to fix cervical pain

Do it up to slowly 10 countings. Repeat it three times.


By ~ Steffy Brizawar


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