National Doctor’s Day 2018


The National Doctors Day 

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This is the day celebrated by us to respect and honor the legendary Doctors.
 The first Doctors day was celebrated on 30th March 1933 in Georgia. In India, it is celebrated on July 1 all across the nation. It’s to present the respect and honor to the legendary doctors as well as to the second Chief Minister of West Bengal Dr. Bhindan Chandra Roy. He was awarded Bharat Ratna award by Government because of his determination. The celebration of doctors day emphasizes the greatness of Doctors. There are several healthcare organizations that organize a special program for Doctors on July 1.
On this day Doctors are invited with a Red card and a flower bouquet. The representatives tells us about the improvement in the medical field they made all around the year and honour the faces behind it . Medical facility’s are improving day by day . Discoveries have made to Cure big diseases  like Cancer . And to thank for this improvement Doctors day is celebrated . It’s celebrated in every nation , date may vary due to events but every nation thank Doctors . Some countries also have holiday .

Doctors = God

It is believed that Doctors are like God! They provide dead a new life and life is provided only by God! So indirectly for patients Doctors are God! In recent time technology has changed the world anonymously. With this MEDICAL SCIENCE has discovered many new ways to Cure diseases that have taken many lives earlier. To achieve this goal our Doctors have sacrificed their family, their holidays, enjoyment of there life. So let me tell you that being a doctor is not an easy task. Doctory is a passion which is fulfilled by professionals. With this Ayurveda is now suggested by Doctors because as we all know that everything has it’s benefits as well as bad effects. Some patients have come with side effects of medicines like diabetic tablets. Ayurveda does not have any side effect on the human body. So people are switching to Ayurveda.
So now let us take a moment to thank and honor eac0h and every doctor on this Globe and say Happy Doctors Day to all.

By – Yash Garg

jaago hindustan


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