Do Zombies Really Exist ???

Do Zombies Really Exist

Do Zombies Really Exist ?

Hello readers ! with Halloween just a few days back, I think this is the right time to talk about zombies. Well, you may know that Halloween night is considered as the night of zombies as it is believed that the dead comes out of their graves in the form of zombies. But the big question is are they real? There are lots of TV shows featuring characters of zombies, which are pretty scary. But do we really believe them?


Do Zombies Really Exist
We all had watch cartoons in our childhood and many of us still do watch our favourite one from them. So, you have definitely watched how the hero of your favourite cartoon saves everyone from Zombies without getting bitten up from them. The scientist who was experimenting suddenly breathes through the dangerous chemicals and turns into a zombie.
Mainly the zombies are the characters of folktales and fictions which seems to be violent. Also, they are shown being eating the flesh of humans.  So, they play a  scary role as the Villan of the Unreal Story.  Sometimes we are often scared by them in our childhood. But as soon as we grown up we realize that there is nothing like Zombies. It’s all a game of Science v/s Fiction.


What if I tell you there is a place where it is believed that thousands of years ago zombies really exist. The word “zombie” is connected from Haiti, an island in the Caribbean.
Do Zombies Really Exist
According to the stories told by there local people hundreds of years ago, there were some slaves which were taken from Africa to Haiti and forced to work hard on farms. No wages were given to them, no food, not allowed to go home and were not treated well. So, when they died they said to Voodoo God (God believed by the people of Africa) that what happened with them in Haiti.
After that, Voodoo God took them from there graves and transported them back to there home place Africa. But there was one condition of Voodoo God that if they did anything bad in life, they will be turned into Zombies instead. So, from that time, people start believing that if you did something bad in your life, you may be taken out by your grave and turned into a Zombie.


Do Zombies Really Exist
 People also believe that if you upset Voodoo God, they risked being turned into Zombies.   Now it depends upon the beliefs of people because the one who believes in VOODOO GOD must be careful because if he/she commits any mistake, it risks them turning into a Zombie. So according to science, these are just myths about Zombies that if a dead walking bites someone, they will turn into a Zombie and they are good in there character only in the stories of folktales and fictions.



Do Zombies Really Exist
There are several real-life diseases that can make you act like a zombie. However, there is no obviousness that a dead walk person is a zombie. But there are some diseases that can make a person act like walking dead. Let’s talk about such diseases that can cause you to act like a Zombie:-
1.  Sleeping Sickness-  This disease is caused by a parasite transmitted by Tsetse Fly. In this kind of disease a victim lost its control from the brain which makes hard to concentrate and unable to sleep during the night and find it almost hard to stay awake during the day-time.
2. Rabies- The disease is spread by the bites from infected animals and mostly attacks the brain, which makes the victim aggressive, partial paralysis and mentally disabled.
3. Dysarthria- The disease is related to the nervous system and affects the control over the tongue of a victim.
4. Leprosy-  Leprosy is caused by the bacteria which affects the skin of the victim.
So one must understand that in the real world person suffering from these diseases can act like a zombie.


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