varieties of mango in india

All of you have many reasons to hate summer, but one and only reasons to enjoy summer is MANGO. In summer most alluring fruit is mango. If we talk about India, then whole summer is passed on to enjoy all varieties of mango. But not only in India, different-different varieties of mango are present all over the world. You will amaze by listening to it that more than a thousand species of mango cultivated all over the world. Even sometimes you fail to recognize the fruit, that it is mango, really? Let’s know more about the king of fruit, the Mango.


Alone India covers a lot of variety, that’s why our national fruit is mango. Cultivation of different varieties of mango, generally, in Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu because mango requires the warm temperature to grow and cultivate. If some fall in degrees of temperature their flowers and small flowers killed. India is in the tropical region so comparatively suitable climate for mangos available here, that’s why we have a pool of mango varieties. In India, U.P. is the state which produces a large number of mangoes in a year because of the presence of low relative humidity and low rainfall during flowering times. Famous mango of India is totapuri which is cultivated in Andhra Pradesh. But the highest selling varieties is langda, dussehri and chausa. Some other varieties with their regions are following-

Kolkata – neemsagar

Bihar – jahardalu

Amroha, U.P. –

  • amroha special ( export to Dubai especially)
  • mallika (dussheri mix with chausa) ( export to Japan)
  • samarbhist (man-made created)
  • retol
  • sambhuja
  • saroli
  • shahebpasand
  • yaman (red)

Gujarat – Kesari

Lucknow, U.P. –

  • Dussehra,
  • chausa (long-life, so present all over summer in market),
  • ramkela

U.P. –

  • husnhara
  • fajri (for pickle)


varieties of mango in india

  1. SAFEDA –

COLOR – bright yellow

SPECIALITY – juicy pulp

USES – juices

  1. Kesari

COLOR – golden yellow with green tinge

Speciality – known for aromatic fragrance

Uses –making juices

  1. Dussheri –

COLOR – Light green, greenish yellow

SPECIALITY – long and oval shaped

USES – making smoothies and salad

  1. Sindoori –

COLOR – green with reddish tinge

SPECIALITY – fibrous and juicy

USES – making jellies, jams and preservatives.

  1. Chausa –

COLOR – Green or yellow

SPECIALTY – Distinctive fragrance and luscious taste

USES – making juices or as a food.

Top 10 varieties of mango

  1. Alphonso

varieties of mango in india

  • It is cultivated in California in may to July from March to June.
  • It is golden yellow & orangish-yellow in color.
  • And it has a creamy and tender texture, which is the reason for being lovable variety.
  • Used in juices, food flavors & confectionary.
  1. Valencia pride

varieties of mango in india

  • It is cultivated in Florida.
  • It is larger in size and has excellent pinkish, reddish & yellow color.
  • And, it is fibrous and S-shaped mango.
  1. Badami

varieties of mango in india

  • It is grown in south India.
  • As a name, it has texture and color.
  • Its specialty is long life so export foreign to easy store.
  1. Chaunsa

varieties of mango in india

  • It is a well-known variety of Punjab (Multan & Sahiwal).
  • Also, it has distinctive fragrances and delicious taste.
  • It is so juicy so people eat it through sucking in India, hence it is

named “chaunsa”

  1. Nam Doc Mai

varieties of mango in india

  • It is called as Golden Mango because if golden in color and has a fiberless texture that’s why it is eaten more in foreign.
  • It is sweet, juicy & has an aromatic flavor which is mouthwatering.
  1. Glenn

varieties of mango in india

  • It is grown in Florida.
  • Also, It is most lovable variety because of a sweet but tangy flavor.
  • It has also rich, silky & peachy flavor which increased its market value.
  1. Sindhri

varieties of mango in india

  • It is from Sindhprant, Pakistan.
  • And, it is the national fruit of Pakistan.
  • It is called Honey mango because of intense sweet taste & flavor.
  1. Madame Francis

varieties of mango in india

  • It has variety in itself like present in light green to orange to light yellow.
  • It is also called desert mango.
  1. Kesar

varieties of mango in india

  • It is grown in Gujarat.
  • And it is in round shape and has fiberless texture.
  • Because of the excellent fragrance, it is highly sold.
  1. Keitt

varieties of mango in india

  • It is grown in Miami, South
  • And it has pinky red blush color with a yellow or orange sweet flesh.
  • It is mild in flavor and peak availability in January to march.

By ~ Steffy Brizawar


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