2020 तक Depression मृत्यु का दूसरा सबसे बड़ा कारण होगा

depression causes, tymptoms, types, treatment

Depression – Causes, Symptoms, Types, Treatment


You might be thinking like this is another article that will frighten you from death. But let me tell you this isn’t a joke, American Institute of Health and Diseases has proven that Depressed Person is very near to his death. They also estimate that ” By the year 2020, Depression will be the second most reason of causing death”.


Depression is that state in the Human body, where stress, illness, drugs, unhealthy lifestyle etc. make a human brain to stop thinking and confuses themselves.


depression causes, tymptoms, types, treatment

In a study, it is found that depression is mostly occurring in teenagers. Now if you are a teenager, then let me ask you, my friend, what kind of stress makes you fall into the stage of depression? Is it the burden of studies which kicks you in depression or is it any kind of relationship bullshit? Well, an American psychologist said that ” Teenage is a very complex stage of life in every human’s life. They are suffering from many things at the same time.
On one side they have a stress of there studies and choosing the right carrier and after choosing the carrier how to perform well in that particular field. Sometimes they also choose the wrong path in a carrier which makes there life stressful. On the other hand, it was also found that teenagers fall in stress due to a problem of relationship. At the teenage or adolescent age, various hormonal changes take place inside a teenager. They get attracted towards one another and forms a loving relationship. Now you might be thinking that how love can make you fall into depression. Then read further, Teenagers fall into depression when they didn’t get the attention back from there loved ones. They usually get broken and fall into depression.


depression causes, tymptoms, types, treatment
It has also been found that most of the suicidal cases occur due to depression. However, not all depression involves suicides but suicidality is related to depression. As already discussed that depression stops your brain to think, so in the stage of depression people generally try to end up their lives. They feel worthless, retarded, and alone and this loneliness sends a message to the brain that now nothing is left for you in this world so it’s better to end up your life.
Depression generally weeks the caretaking of your health and results in illness, sickening, hopeless, useless, powerless and weeks your mental health.
But causing self-harm isn’t a medicine for this disease. We will tell you more in the next article, till then exercise well and keep your mind fresh.

                           By – Yash Garg


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