The monsoon has started already. Make sure diseases do not seem to rain in your house during the monsoon. After the scorching heat, the drops of rain do not look any less than the elixir of life. But with the falling of cold drops of rain, there are falling of many diseases. Many times these diseases take a serious look when we do not care. According to Indian Ayurveda science, they recognize that the vata (airborne) defect becomes intense in the rainy season. The effect of this defect remains throughout the entire season. The reason for this is that during the rainy season, the sun’s pesticide rays cannot reach us in sufficient quantity.

common diseases in monsoonDuring monsoon, the place is filled with water and gig, due to which fly, mosquito and other pathogens also flourish. Due to getting wet in the rain, we are often victims of cold and cough. Due to the increase in the number of microbes and bacteria in this season, our body’s immune system continues to weaken. That is why we need to know and be cautious about these seasonal diseases and precaution.

Infection increases in monsoon

The infection in monsoon rapidly increases because of the virus, bacteria and germs grow more and more. The major reason for it is environmental or climatic changes.  In the rainy season, moisture is also high and the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold, hence there is the ideal situation for bacteria and virus growth. Due to humidity, the fungus is also growing rapidly, just why, in the monsoon season complaint of fungal infection increases.

Common diseases in monsoon

common diseases in monsoon

  • Skin diseases

In this season, the risk of skin diseases, abscesses, etc. are very high. These are all fungal infections which are because of the presence of humidity in the atmosphere. Change the clothes immediately after getting wet in the rain. Keep your skin dry. This can be avoided by all types of skin diseases. Take special care of cleaning your body. Take a bath regularly. Wash hands with soap and clean it from time to time. This is how to prevent skin diseases in monsoon.

  • Viral diseases

Eye flu and viral fever are very common virus disease in monsoon. Irritations in eyes, swelling in eyes, watery, sticky and painful eyes are the very common symptom of eye flu. There are many like 15 ways to prevent communicable diseases. The example you use an ice pack for eyes, make sure water will not enter in your eyes.

  • Digestion problems

Digestion related problems are the common diseases of monsoon as we mentioned in starting. Vomiting, diarrhea, loose motion is often done in this season. Our digestion process becomes weak during the rainy days. In this case, outside junk food or unhealthy food causes disturbances in our stomach. It is normal to have a stomachache, indigestion, gas etc. in this condition. Eat light meals and add a habit of walking after eating so that food can digest.

Like balancing the diet in monsoon there are many ways how to avoid skin diseases, how to manage rainy season diseases and precautions. You just have to be aware and be careful this monsoon.

By ~ Steffy Brizawar


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