Causes and Symptoms of Cancer

symptoms of cancer

Why does cancer happen? Do you also have it?

You were born to have cancer one day, in fact, all of us were. Everyone has equal chances of having cancer just like those who already have it. Your routine is actually taking you to your deathbed!

Let us first see what signs do actually indicate that a person can be having cancer. The signs are related to body parts which the cancer is affecting.


Symptoms of cancer

General symptoms of cancer can be any of these if they are occurring with unexplained causes-

  • occasional fatigue
  • changing of skin colour such as darkening or reddening.
  • uncomfortable changes in bowel movements for longer periods
  • unexplained weight loss or gain
  • lumpy mass of tissue under the skin on any body part such as breasts or testicles.
  • apearences of moles on different parts of the body
  • persistant hoarseness or cough
  • discomfort in eating or swallowing
  • persistent joint or muscle pain
  • regular of frequent fevers or chills
  • unreasonable bleeding and bruising
  • bleeding through faeces or urine or both

If such concerning signs occur, the person should see a doctor as soon as possible before it gets too late or become totally incurable.

All the normal cells of our body have the property of contact inhibition. The growth of normal cells are controlled when they come in contact with the surrounding cells and they stop dividing. Normal cells which have turned into cancerous cells do not have this property at all. They grow uncontrollably.symptoms of cancer

There are certain agents around us which are responsible for turning normal cells to cancerous/ neoplastic cells. Such scents are called carcinogens or cancer-causing agents.

These can be-


symptoms of cancer

Harmful rays such as x-rays, gamma rays from radioactive substances and UV rays from the sun can damage the DNA of normal cells. The change in DNA of normal cells can highly affect their functioning which in turn transforms them into neoplastic or cancer cells. Skin cancer is an example which can be caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun.


This is basically related to our routine habitsor addition of substances from which we should be staying away.

Any type of smoking, chewing tobbaco, consumtion of alcohol and addition to drugs are leading our way to cancerious death. Chemicals present in them invade the metabolic functions of the normal cells. Smoke of tobbaco is known to be a major cause of lung cancer.


symptoms of cancerOur body already have genes for cancer believe it or not. Which, when triggered causes cancer. they are called oncogenes. some pathgens are identified to cause manupulation in those oncogenes and turn them cancerious such as viruses and some kind of bacteria.

Besides these, cancer can also be caused by mutations in the DNA or genes or chromosomes all the same. This is from birth. Such types of cancer are inheritable and can be passed to upcoming generations as they are alterations in the DNA itself which is the basis of whole body formation.


By- Priya Gupta 




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