Bollywood is the largest film industry in the world in terms of number of movies produced every year. Bollywood ,over the years, has  been known for its commercial ‘masala’ hindi movies, however, every once in a while, the industry also gives birth to films that touch your hurt and soul. Today we are sharing Top 4 movies list which are ranked according to their success, their popularity and their true greatness from a writing / directing standpoint.

  1. Gopi

Sukh ke sab sathi Dukh me na koi… Ram Chandra keh gye siya se… these blockbuster songs are from the movie GOPI,  1970 Hindi film. This is a remake of 1964 Tamil movie MURADAN MUTHU. It stares Dilip kumar and Saira banu – the real and reel life partner, beautiful gold love birds till known in our industry. This film is remembered for Om Prakash and Dilip Kumar class act. Om Prakash tragic act is highlight of this movie. This is first blockbuster long running movie in theatre, it been running long 9 years. It is full of entertainment and drama of desi boy life. You must watch this treasure of our cinema.


  1. Sholay

Kitne admi the???… basanti in kutto ke saamne mt naachna… we all know about all hilarious dialogues of this blockbuster movie. It stares all legendary actors Amitabh bachchan , Dharmendra , Hema malini , Amzad khan , Jaya bhaduri , Sanjeev kumar. Charecter of Jai and veeru gave best example of friendship. It is a record breaker film of that time, it break the record of Gopi, it is 10 years long running movie in theaters. There is attempt to remake that blockbuster time by altering music and by adding effects, but it doesn’t work , as we Indian love simplicity that lie in the 70’s movies not in today’s work. So go for it to take the dose of full of action…


  1. Mother India

Dhukh bhare din beete re bhaiya…ab sukh aayo re.. a happy song, after hearing this melodious song whatever happen smile automatically comes. It is full of moral based movie. and fantastically potrays the image of our mothers. It stares Nargis , Sunil dutt , Rajendra kumar. This film is historic , this 70s blockbuster beautifully shows the hardship of a woman generally faced in rural India will fill your eyes with tears. The most beautiful part is the love bond between a mother and her children. If you love emotional drama then go for it…


  1. Upkaar

Mere desh ki dhartiii… a song which automatically generate patriotism in our soul. A beautifully patriotic film of 1967 directed by manoj kumar. It stares Manoj kumar , Pran, Asha parekh… like legendary actors. Most heart toching characters act by Pran (mangal chacha). Really inspiring movie , it is full of lessons. Kasme wade yad rkhna batein h baton ka kya… beautifully sung and written. Be the fortunate one by seeing this master piece and feel proud to being an indian..!!


We have made the list keeping in mind the public reviews and box office ratings.

By ~ Steffy Brizawar


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