What is the best direction to sleep ?

never sleep in north direction

Best Direction to Sleep

Never Sleep Facing North Direction

Sleep is one of the most important parts of our life which each of us has to act according to. For the proper functioning of our body sleep is must and also to keep you healthy. It’s not only about sleep but it’s about sleeping for the correct amount of time.

Each and every day our body performs various functions most of them are internal which we cannot see just we can feel it. For the whole day doing immense work by our body, it needs some rest for the proper function of our vital organs. During our sleep, most of the organs don’t work which helps in storing energy to be utilized after waking up. If proper sleep is not taken then the energy will go down and the body may not work functionally.

best direction to sleep

In many villages of India, its still prohibited to sleep while facing the north direction. And its considered to be taboo. In fact, even in the Vastu Shastra its mentioned that one should take proper sound sleep but not facing in the north direction. You must be thinking that’s what’s this matter is it just a myth or a scientific theory. Well, it’s true saying that one should never fall asleep facing the north direction and this is a scientifically proven theory.

Fact or Myth?

We all know that our planet Earth behaves like a magnet and each and every person on this planet has their respective magnetic fields. So in case if you sleep facing the north direction then your magnetic field of direction becomes the opposite of that of the earth magnetic field.

This makes high blood pressure in the body and it makes your heart works faster and efficiency during that time. If you are in old age and you have some serious heart problems then it may cause you a heart attack too. Sleeping while facing the north direction also makes the pulse rate very low. And for this reason, the blood circulation in the whole body disturbs. Which is not a good sign towards a fit body.

best direction to sleep

That’s the only reason why most people complain of not getting sleep while sleeping facing the north direction. This also makes you uncomfortable and more tensed just because of the low pulse rate and high pressure of blood flowing through your body. So at that time, it is preferable to sleep either facing the south or east direction. It is also said that one must sleep in the right position too do always sleep on your left side. It has too many advantages and burning heart rate is one of them.

By – Siddharth Vikram


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