A Super-Duper lit: Miami

an unforgettable place miami

An Unforgettable Place MIAMI

With its beautiful beaches, cool weather, streets, stadiums and many more, it will be a lot of fun for you to visit this ‘heavenly place’ along with your family or friends. Being the top-most vacation destination for vacations, Miami has got much more than you think!
Here are some of the spots in this fascinating city, you ought to visit, that will not only catch your glimpse but will surely make you remember “Miami” throughout your life!

1. Miami Beach

an unforgettable place miami

“Why only a beach on the first spot”? , You might be thinking.
Well, the beach has got many-a-things to occupy the first place of tourism attractions in Miami. With a great and a spectacular view of the ocean with a bright sunlight, you will wish to come back to this beach every time you hear the word “BEACH”.
If you have been thinking of a sandy beach with a warm sunlight to relax down, then you need to visit the ‘Miami Beach’ for sure! Also, the most popular street in this area is the Ocean Drive, a home to some famous tourist destinations in Miami.

2. Art Deco Historic Districtan unforgettable place miami

For some of you who are not interested in visiting a beach, The Art Deco Historic District with its classy design will be a suitable place for you. The architectural design of the 1930s and 40s is for sure enough to catch your look. These buildings, uniquely designed, are painted with pastel colours and displays large neon signs.
Ever watched “Step Up Revolution”, a famous dance movie? Well, the starting scene of the movie is shooted here only, in the Art Deco Historic District.

3. South Beachan unforgettable place miami

Situated on the southern side of the Miami Beach, this is another glorious stretch of sand! It is one of the most popular beaches of the wonderful Miami, and also one of the top beaches in the whole of Florida. There is a paved road (called walk line) which lines this marvellous place. Behind the South Beach is the Ocean Drive, where the travellers slow down their vehicles to catch the view of this beach. Thus, it is a perfect place to enjoy the shallow waters and the cooling surf along with the warm rays of the sun.

4. Bayside Marketplacean unforgettable place miami

A market for the tourist and the local residents, this place will tempt you to lighten up your pockets! With numerous cafes and restaurants, the place is situated at the waterfront of Miami. There are many docks present, which adds up to the beauty of this place.

5. American Airlines Arenaan unforgettable place miami

The home of NBA’s Miami Heat, this stadium hosts many popular sports events, one such being the Monday Night Raw or Smackdown. Not only sports events are hosted here but also some famous singers’ concerts and celebrity’s shows. The seating capacity of this stadium is 21,000! Opened on December 31, 1999, it has a theatre named “Waterfront Theatre” which is the largest theatre in Florida.

Some famous food items:

Miami is not a place to be liked by its view only. It has got some famous food recipes that will add up more memories and taste to your journey. A picture gallery for all those “food-lovers” who are deeply concerned about the famous food items of the places they visit:-

       Arepas: La Latina Miami

       Ceviche: My Ceviche Brickell

         Chicharrones: El Palacio De Los Jugos

                       Churrasco: Puerto Madero

                       Cuban Mojo with anything: Bahama Breeze



                                                    Fritas: El Mago de las Fritas


Some famous drinks:

Not Your Average Zombie @The Local Craft Food & Drink

Guayaba Dream @Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill

The Wall @Blackbird Ordinary

Zuma Mai Tai @Zuma

So what are you thinking? A trip to Miami will be the most enjoyable and the coolest trip of your life. Don’t get yourself provoked by just seeing the photographs. Visit Miami during the summer and experience an unforgettable journey!


By- Vaibhav Srivastava



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