Ambani becomes Asia’s richest fellow



Ambani becomes Asia’s richest fellow after beating Jacks Ma


As per the Bloomberg Billionaire’s Index, Ambani’s net worth stood at $44.3 billion, after Reliance Industries run up by 1.6%.

India has its new richest man- Mukesh Ambani, who defeated Alibaba Group’s founder Jack Ma on Friday. After striking Jack Ma’s wealth fortune $44billion, Ambani’s wealth expanded on top by $44.3 billion on the Bloomberg
Billionaire’s Index.

Ambani’s stock…




After adding $4 billion to Ambani’s wealth, Reliance shares stretch to 1.8% to a record high
of Rs.1,106. On the Bombay Stock exchange, the company also entered the $100 billion estimations. After this estimation, it becomes the second most corporate after TCS to attain this feat.

Jack Ma’s stock….

Jack's maa

With Alibaba shares waning more than 10 percent on the New York stock exchange in just
a month, Ma has lost nearly around $1.4 billion in 2018. According to Bloomberg, Alibaba
continues to be Asia’s most valuable firm with a market value of around $487 billion.

Reliance Jio’s impact on Ambani’s wealth…


Ambani acquires Reliance Industries from his Father Dhirubhai Ambani. He played a well and appreciated role in this company. Onset into refining and petrochemicals in the 1990’s and retail and telecom industries offense in the 2000’s. After both the brother’s split the telecom entertainment power business went to younger brother Anil Ambani.

For investors, the biggest uplift approached by Reliance Industries and Ambani’s launch of Reliance Jio. Jio saw as a riotous player in the telecom field, with cheap data and free
calls it attains immense success in a very short time. It also soars up the shares of the
company. Across 1,100 cities, Jio also announced the launch of fiber-based broadband service.

During the company’s AGM last week, something he announced like-now he plans on integrating his consumer business with telecom and media. He also recently discloses his plans on integrating the e-commerce by leveraging the 200+ telecom subscribers that the company has gathered.

At AGM meeting of Ambani

The Ambani added, “The size of Reliance will more than double by 2025”.


This would be done by leveraging Jio’s vast user of 215 million coupled with Reliance Retail’s offline footprint. At its annual general meeting (AGM) held last week, the company announced the aggressive business plan. The stock has gained 13.05 percent since July 05 and the stock has been on an uptrend ever. On Thursday, the shares of RIL rose for the fifth consecutive session.

By ~ Anjali Chauhan


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