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Amazing facts about Bats

There are many amazing facts about bats. Do you know that Bats are mammals, not birds! Well, only a few of you have been known to this fact. Just like we mammals they also have hair or fur on their body and yes they are warm-blooded too. The baby bat feeds on their mother’s milk for a few weeks after they are born. A bat’s wings are composed of the same bones that a human being possesses. There are a lot of species of bat found in the world all have some rare and different features. For many of us, it is very awkward to see a bat as it just seems to be stingy.

How big can a bat be?

amazing facts about bats

There are different species of bats found in the world with different shapes and sizes. The smallest bat is found in the UK which measures only 4cm long and its weight is only 5 grams that’s less to that of a coin. And also the largest bat is present in UK which is almost 8cm and weighs about 40 grams.

Bat’s Diet!


amazing facts about bats

Mostly the bat eats insects and different types of bat have different taste preference about insects. Many bats take their meal in the mid-air while sometimes they are found eating upon larger prey. Well in the UK and many more countries the bats are dying because there are fewer insects to feed upon. Also in many parts of the world, the bats eat fruits, flowers, and frogs and even too sometimes bats too!


Bat’s Residence

amazing facts about bats

Usually, large quantities of bats are found either upon the trees or caves and even sometimes in the house. It is also believed that whenever leaving a bat’s cave a bat always leaves from the left direction but this is just a myth and it’s not scientifically proven. During the winter season all the bats hibernate in a cave to protect themselves from the cold and chilly weather.


Ultrasound in Bats?

amazing facts about bats

While many people believe that bats are blind but in fact, they can also see just as we humans see. They use ultrasound for navigating in the night. They emit ultrasounds while travelling and when these rays hit any object it sends the message to bats that there is an obstacle. Also bats fly with too much noise that its impossible for a human to hear.

Are Bats a Spiderman?

amazing facts about bats

Well we all know that bats hang themselves upside down this is because their body is capable to do so they have special tendons in their legs which makes them do so. Even in the sleep bats hang upside down only.

By- Siddharth Vikram


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