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Watching TV is one of the most popular past time for each and every one. No matter from what generation you belong from but watching TV will be always your first priority of entertainment. Even now a days technology has been developed so far but still TV has made its permanent position in one’s life. No matter what your mood is if you want entertainment then just switch on the TV sit back and relax. Earlier TV only used to stream black and white shows and its shape was also so bulgy but now things have changed we can watch the channels in color format with full resolution and each and every company is trying to makes its product more and more slim.

Now days we have the most advance TV whether in terms of size or the picture and sound quality. But your best TV in class is useless if you don’t have a SET-TOP BOX. Basically it is just a box type structure that converts a digital TV signal to analogue for viewing on your TV set, you can also say that it enables satellite TV to be viewed. As per the government instructions it is mandatory to have a set-top box without it you cant access to any of your channels. The best Satellite provide in the industry is “AIRTEL TV”.

What is Airtel TV?

Airtel is being among every one’s first priority whether it comes in the term of mobile services or in cable TV. Its been used in every 6 out of nine homes. It provides the best plan and also have a very strong connectivity to the channels. Airtel TV also broadcasts HD channels with Dolby sound quality. Airtel TV is also commonly known as Airtel DTH or Airtel Dish TV. You can simply just get a connection either by visiting or by mailing them at

How to get Airtel TV?

You just need to call the customer care of the company which is listed in their website . Your call will be confirmed and you will get a visit by the Airtel TV shortly. After reaching your home they will first connect your TV with their HD Set-Top box. And after connecting it they will move in your balcony or terrace to plant the Satellite Receiver Dish. After setting it up they will adjust the angle at which your TV will broadcasts you HD channels.

Then you will be given all the necessary instructions to be followed in using Airtel TV. After setting up all you will be asked for the plan selection. In plan selection you can choose which all channels you wish to watch and which all not so you just need to pay for the channels you want to watch and no other channels. That the best thing about Airtel TV. After choosing a Airtel DTH plan you will be asked for recharge. You need to recharge on monthly or yearly basis in order to enjoy Airtel TV without any interruptions. You just need to recharge every single month or year and you will enjoy Airtel TV HD channels.

The best thing is that you can also enjoy TV shows with Airtel Monthly plans on your smartphone just by downloading the Airtel TV app. After that you will be able to access all the HD channels offered by Airtel TV free of cost on your smartphone. It is available on both android and iOS platforms.

By – Siddharth Vikram


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