AI News Anchor – Are Humanoid Robots the Future?

AI News Anchor

Now, AI Anchor Is Breaking News

What is AI? Many of you must have heard the term Ai as it is getting popular these days. Ai stands for Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is an area of computer science in which intelligent machines have created that work and response just like normal human beings.

Many new Ai has been invented to allow speech recognition and learning of the human behaviour. All the robots which the companies are creating have Artificial Intelligence. Recently when Google launched its new smartphone in the market, it showed some features of Artificial Intelligence by talking on your phone with someone else on behalf of you.

AI News Anchor

AI News Anchor

China is said to be number 1 in all the technical stuff and so does it is in AI. It has created its world’s first Artificial Intelligence News Anchor. This AI is made by the news company and the Chinese research team or company called

It is an official member of Xinhua which is a reporting team. We have been seeing news reporters daily in our life in news channels in India but if you switch to the Chinese News Channel Xinhua News you will see the world’s first Artificial Intelligence news anchor. The body structure will be the same as that of a normal person and his voice has been manipulated with the real anchor working for that news. It does everything just as a normal person anchor does.

How does it perform?

AI News Anchor

As per the study AI automatically learns with the surroundings, in this case, the Artificial Intelligence news anchor does learning by watching live videos or news, the best part is it speaks as it reads from the paper just as a normal person news anchor does. This AI news anchor will surely be a cost cut in the new company as it can run throughout the day and night on the channel and website making it faster and effective for the news channel.

Android-  Are Humanoid Robots the Future?

This AI news anchor comes in the category of android- humanoid robots, these are the robots that look exactly like the humans and to have some feelings. Many other companies have also created their own Artificial Intelligence powered android- humanoid robots just like SOPHIA. It is by the far greatest achievement in the field of robots.

AI News Anchor

Sophia is an android humanoid robot which is developed by a company Hanson Robotics based in Hong Kong. Sophia is being active since February 2016. It is also said that Sophia is created to bring equality and human rights in the world. Sophia being just a robot has won various awards. Sophia has also visited India during the Vizag Fintech Festival in Andhra Pradesh on 25th October. Even Sophia can talk with normal people and interact with them.


Is Artificial Intelligence safe?

As we are getting smarter day by day our technology is getting too. The Ai powered robots learn everything itself. Though in our future it will be a great helping hands for all of us and that too will save our time and cost but the question is are they safe or not? Since Ai learns itself it can be dangerous for us, as at times it can create a lot of problems for us. They are as smart as us humans. It is believed that a few years back the social media giant created two of the android humanoid robots powered with artificial intelligence.

AI News Anchor

They were performing well. Also, it can be a massive growth to our world but just after few days, people notice that the two robots started talking to each other in their own language which cannot be encrypted by the humans. It was a bit scary as no one has ever imagined that this would go to this extinct. Furthermore, the creators decided to abort the research and powered off the robots. We are well prepared for our future. It will be full of technologies. But one thing we have to keep in mind that it should never conquer the humans’ race.

By- Siddharth Vikram



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