7 Myths of your diet chart you don’t know

7 Myth

7 Myths of your diet chart you don’t know You are following

All of us think that we are following the diet chart properly, then why there is no difference come in our reports and body shape??? Here are some facts to clear all your doubts…

Myth 1: A Zero fat diet is excellent for weight reduction.

Fact: If u think cutting off fat is completely good for your health, then you are wrong. Some
amount of fat in the diet is essential for proper functioning of body. If fat intake is nil in your diet there is starting of deficiency in your body like poor brain functioning, which further leads to depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, etc.

Myth 2: Vegetable oils cannot increase blood cholesterol because they are cholesterol free.

vegetable oil

Fact: Vegetables oils do not contain cholesterol but if it consumed in “excess” can cause an
increase in total fat intake and too much fat in the diet increases the formation of cholesterol in the body. Body have heart related diseases, quick in a while you get tired because of increase in serum triglycerides amount.

Myth 3: Only plain sugar increases blood sugar.

plain sugar

Fact: All carbohydrates can increases blood sugar but refined foods and sugar increases blood sugar levels rapidly. So, to avoid this you have to reduce amount of carbohydrate food like bananas, potatoes (which have starc , a polymeric carbohydrate), etc.

Myth 4: Those who want to go for weight reduction should frequently skip meals.

dont skip meal

Fact: For losing weight the healthy way is to have small portions of meals including fruits and vegetables in the form of salads. One must focuses on exercise and yoga instead of skipping meal.

Myth 5: “Vanaspati” is as good as ghee.

vanasmati oil

Fact: Vanaspati contains “trans fatty acids” which are more harmful than saturated fat present in ghee. It can cause many problems in body.

Myth 6: Fat free is calorie free.


Fact: Foods devoid of fat are usually taken as calorie free but they contain carbohydrates and proteins as well, which also contributes to the calorie content of food. Hence, if you think you don’t get calories by taking fat free food you are in a mirage.

Myth 7: Children should be given large amount of desi ghee and butter (saturated fat) for good health.

saturated fat

Fact: Excess intake of saturated fat can lead to obesity which can subsequently lead to diabetes at an early age. Thus, there should be a balanced intake of all nutrients including fats.

By ~ Steffy


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