10 Health Benefits of Fasting

benefits of fasting

In the recent years of time, enormous studies have been conducted. These suggest that fasting is one of the popular trends for dieting across the globe. Fasting means abstaining from eating or drinking water (water is optional). Fasting has a lot of benefits that help our body for a longer and healthier life. To control of maintaining your body there are so many diet plans the problem arises that which one to follow?
The best answer is that don’t follow anything just stop eating and do fast.

Benefits of Fasting

benefits of fasting

We all know the food we eat releases glucose in our body and if we continuously eat then the glucose level increases. During fasting, the stored glucose is being used to energize our body. And when glucose is released it helps in burning fat which helps in weight loss.

When we are on fasting our body is in starvation form. So, our body tries to get energy by recycling the immune cells that are not needed. These in turn help to take off the damaged cells.

The best benefit of fasting is that if you do not take up food for 2-4 times per month for almost 6 months then your old and damaged immune cells will be replaced with the new ones.

Fasting involves great help for cancer patients too. As the patient who is suffering from cancer and undergoes fasting for 3-4 days prior to his therapy. It will help to protect his immune system that may be damaged by the treatment.


During fasting, a process called DETOXIFICATION also occurs in which if any toxins are stored in our body’s fat it will be dissolved during the fasting period and makes the body more jolly and would have a positive impact of mental well being.

benefits of fasting

If you are a diabetic patient then fasting is the key way to live your life. As it helps the blood sugar to drop by 30% in just a few days. Fasting helps in generation of Insulin which in turns helps you for the growth of your body. Studies have shown that during an injury many people think that having food full of diet is necessary to recover the body. And if food is not supplied, it may lead to weakness and slow recovery but it is all false.

Fasting during an injury makes the brain function faster and prevent the strokes and diseases that would affect the brain. Your diet is an important element for your skin. But, fasting also helps in improving your skin’s health. It maintains the high blood
sugar level in the body. You can think of it as a normal part of your skin care routine to ensure better skin.

By- Siddharth Vikram


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