10 Amazing Planets You Never Knew Exists


10 Amazing Planets You Never Knew Exists

Our Lives and experiences are confined to the only home that we have, Earth. However, 10 Amazing Planets You Never Knew Exists. What would it be like to gaze diamond planet or gazing three star setting on the horizon? Let’s find out!

TrEs2b (The dark planet)

10 amazing planets you never knew exists

This amazing planet will darken the night before your eyes. This planet orbiting a yellow sun-like star known as q&c 03549-02811. Some 750 light years ago in direction of constellation Draco. This gas giant reflects less than 1% light receives from its star and it’s darker than the coal. The reason it reflects so much less light is due to lack of reflecting cloud superheating its temperature to 1,800 degree Fahrenheit (980 degrees Celsius).

The Diamond planet

10 amazing planets you never knew existsThe diamond planet 55 Centre-e a super-Earth orbits a sun-like star. It orbits so closely to its host sun-like star that it makes a full orbit in just 18 hours, raising its temperature up to 3,900 degrees Fahrenheit (2,100 degrees Celsius). Since the mainly comprises of carbon in the form of diamond and graphite which shappens due to high temperature and pressure.

The Super Saturn

10 amazing planets you never knew exists

Also called J1407b is weird than anything you will have seen. This planet has so many rings they would have been visible from earth if Saturn was replaced by J1407b. its mass is 40 times the size of Jupiter. It is surrounded by 37 rings spinning across 120 million kilometres.


10 amazing planets you never knew exists

The planet ‘G14214b’ is similar to the size of earth and the large part of it is covered by water and being nearer to the planet. It has a weird phenomenon of ‘Hot Ice’. The planet has steamy atmosphere.

WASP- 12b

10 amazing planets you never knew exists

WASP-12b is the hottest exoplanet ever discovered and has the temperature up to 2250 degree Celsius. This is just 2,115,000 from its host star.


10 amazing planets you never knew exists

It is a planet that will surely blow you away. Eight times the weight of Jupiter this planet has an elliptical orbit in which it covers impressive distance with orbit varying form 3 million to 9 million miles which it takes only 5.6 days to cover. Showing how much quick it is as the same distance variance as found between Mars and Mercury’s in our solar system.

Kepler 16-b

10 amazing planets you never knew exists

The planet Kepler 16b is ‘totoonie like planet’ the home world of Luke skywalker in star wars. The planet orbits two stars which makes it seem science fiction. However according to NASA planet is cold world with gaseous surface.

 Hd 188753

The gas giant hd 188753 is one level ahead of Kepler 16b in terms of host stars. It orbits a triple star system. It is located 149 light years away in direction of constellation Cygnus.


Gliese 581c

The planet Gliese 581c located just 20 light years away from us. It orbits a red dwarf and is most likely tidally locked means its one side constantly faces its star while other remains in darkness. Originally it was thought to be habitable but Astronomers it may be just outside goldilocks zone more similar to Venus than Earth.


It was the first exo-planet ever found in the habitable zone. Also, it orbits a star 600 light years away from Earth.it is thought to have the surface temperature of about 22 degree Celsius. It is one of the best candidates in list habitable exoplanets.


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