10 amazing facts about brain


Do you know that the human brain is the only thing that named itself? Let’s read some more facts about the brain!

  1. If your right cerebrum is to be removed somehow and only left cerebrum is left, then you will only see half of someone’s face and will not find odd with it.
  2. There are about 100 neurons in our brain closer to a number of stars in our galaxy.
  3. The split personality disorder is because of the weakening of connects between right and left cerebrum.                                               10 amazing facts about brain
  4. Your left cerebrum is the basis of your core beliefs. Your worldview, your long-term faiths and beliefs are part of left cerebrum whereas the right cerebrum can only look after short-term views and cannot do much about it. If you hear anything that conflicts with your core beliefs the right cerebrum sends it to the left cerebrum, its rejected! Then you that what is Known as “ Narrow Mindedness”.
  5. Have you ever about neuroplasticity? Our brain forms new connections to new activities and strengthens those activities which done again and again. This is called Neuroplasticity and that’s why it is said that “practice makes a man perfect”.
  6. Whatever you see mostly depends on your worldview. Our brain mostly uses information from our core views and uses lesser input from visual impulse.
  7. There is a wide misconception about sleep so that our brain can take rest. But this is not the case. The brain is more active during REM state of Sleep than awake suggesting we still don’t know much about sleep.                       10 amazing facts about brain
  8. Brain weighs only 2% OF body weight but still receives 20% of the oxygen supply of body.
  9. Brain itself can’t feel pain. That why surgeons perform surgeries even without given Anaesthetics to patients during surgery.
  10. There is no such thing as we use 1% of the brain. We use most of our brain in performing various activities.


By- Jatin Agarawal


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